How to do the 12 new FIFA 18 celebrations – plus more of our favourites

From Griezmann's hotline bling and Rooney's KO, to a double from Cristiano Ronaldo, it's time to rub it in your opponent's face with the best FIFA 18 celebrations

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There aren’t many better feelings than scoring a goal. Except maybe, in the case of FIFA 18, celebrating a goal as the show-off icing on top of a very delicious cake. Ranging from the ludicrous to the downright excruciating (to sit through anyway), here are the very best celebrations in FIFA 18 and how to do them*.

*FourFourTwo is not responsible for smashed controllers, broken friendships or bruised egos

Let’s get started with all 12 of the new FIFA 18 celebrations this year.

Griezmann’s Hotline Bling

How to do it: Hold LT and press X/Hold L2 and press square

Want to look like the coolest guy on the pitch? Pulling off the Atletico Madrid forward's tribute to Drake’s Hotline Bling will get you halfway there. Alice band not included.

Mannequin challenge

How to do it: Hold LT and flick right stick up/Hold L2 and flick right stick up

EA are nothing if not late to the party of the hottest new trends. Gangnam Style and the dab (more of which later) were a few years late and, hey, here’s everyone’s favourite 2015 trend.

Giroud’s scorpion

How to do it: Hold LT, flick right stick right and then left/Hold L2 and flick R3 right and then left

Originally planned as a callback to the Frenchman’s outrageous scorpion kick goal against Crystal Palace, many Gooners weren’t pleased with the timing of the celebration: during a 3-3 draw with Bournemouth with the seconds ticking away.

Stir the pot

How to do it: Hold LT and double tap Y

Replacing FFT's favourite chest slide celebration, this move inspired by the NBA's James Harden looks faintly ridiculous. Perfect to wind up your mates, then.

Dybala’s mask

How to do it: Hold LB and flick right stick up twice/Hold L1 and flick R3 up twice

One of the new celebrations, inspired by Juventus’s Paulo Dybala, has you channelling your inner superhero. Batman’s got nothing on you.

Lewandowski’s X

How to do it: Hold LB and flick right stick down twice/Hold L1 and flick R3 down twice

EA have gone above and beyond in bringing players some very specific celebrations this year. Here’s Lewandowski’s X: only available after scoring goals in FIFA 18 and for crash landings.