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How long was Ronaldinho in jail – and why was he in prison?

(Image credit: PA)

Ronaldinho is the guest of honour at PSG's Champions League match against RB Leipzig tonight, but the last time many of us heard from him he was languishing behind bars.

The Brazilian star – who FourFourTwo recently named as the greatest footballer of the 2000s – spent five months in a Paraguayan jail last year.

He even had to endure his 40th birthday in prison, though reports came out that he celebrated it with a barbecue and cake.

The former Barcelona attacker, who came to prominence at PSG, had been accused of entering Paraguay with a false passport with his brother.

This came after his Brazilian and Spanish passports were seized as part of another charge of unpaid taxes against him in 2019. Over 50 of his properties were also seized as part of that investigation, and it was reported that he had less than £10 in his bank account.

Facing up to five years inside if convicted, after five months in the clanger both Ronaldinho and his brother accepted a plea deal for release, paying fines of $90,000 and $110,000 and issuing a guilty plea.