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How we chose FourFourTwo's 50 Best Football Managers in the World 2015

FFT is used to ranking the world's 100 best footballers on an annual basis. Managers, though? Not so much.

When the team huddles around a table to discuss (well, fight about) the former each year, we have two clear measuring sticks to go by: form over the past year, and overall class.

Arguably, though, it'd be harsh (or generous, on the flip side) to judge a head honcho heavily on his last year's work – after all, one bad season doesn't make Jürgen Klopp an undesirable dugout dweller now. 

There's still a generous nod to recent achievements, of which there are many among our crop, but a manager is made over time – or specifically, he makes himself – and that's what this list is really about.

Some managers have made it because they're straight-up winners; others for their almighty man-management or tactical nous. All of them share one key trait, though: the ability to lead, and lead well. 

With those ideas in mind, we consulted with a clutch of our knowledgable writers from around the world to settle on a half-century of the planet's top bosses. Some of them may be new to you, many won't, but each of them has a story worth telling – and a rightful place in FFT's 50 Best Football Managers in the World.

Agree? Disagree? Either way, feel free to get in touch with us on social media using the hashtag #FFT50MANAGERS on Twitter (@FourFourTwo), or on our Facebook page. 

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