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Mark Selby regrets missing Chelsea game to play snooker

Snooker player and Leicester City fan Mark Selby did not see his side win the title on Monday night because he was busy, it has emerged.

Selby, a lifelong Foxes supporter who attends games “when he can”, was sadly unable to cheer on his heroes as he had a prior engagement in the final of the World Snooker Championship, an oversight he admitted was “frustrating”.

“When I signed up [for the World Snooker Championship] last week, I didn’t realise Chelsea and Spurs would be on the same night,” a visibly deflated Selby told FourFourTwo.

“I was supposed to watch the game in the pub with my mates, until I remembered that I was meant to be in Sheffield. Devastated doesn’t begin to describe it.

“[The World Snooker Association] don’t let you use your phone in case you look up snooker tips online,” Selby added, “so I had no idea what was going on until after [I had won the World Snooker Championship].”

Lighter shade of blue

“All game, I tried extra hard to pot the blue balls, for Leicester’s sake, even though it’s the wrong shade of blue and, to be honest, I’d have been trying to pot them anyway.

“Afterwards I tried to smile with the trophy, but all the while I was thinking to myself: ‘What am I doing with my life? I really need to sort out my priorities’.”

Selby added that at least the Leicester City players, who were not in action on Monday, would have been able to watch all eight hours of his snooker game on the television.

Please note: This fictional news story is not real. But you already knew that, right?

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