Mystery of Barca's Uzbek obsession revealed?

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Quite a few things in the game in Spain make La Liga Loca scratch its head.

More often than not, it's the fleas picked up from its latest visit to the Vicente Calderón. The Starship Troopers-sized bugs now living in the main stand loos just make the blog run for its life. And also explain the club's rapidly decreasing attendances.

But on a metaphorical level, there are big questions causing constant confusion for the blog.

Why is Betis centreback, Juanito, constantly in the Spain squad? What is Carles Puyol hiding beneath his hair? And what's with Barcelona's Uzbek obsession?

La Liga Loca is going to be kind and rewind to last summer when Uzbekistan club, FC Bunyodkor, made the headlines by putting in a brilliant bid for the striking services of Samuel Eto'o. And a serious one at that.

Fortunately for the Catalan club, the offer was turned down and Mad Sammy stayed in the city - only to be sold next summer and replaced by David Villa.

But the curious tale of the Central Asian affair didn't end with this very doomed deal. In July of last year, Andrés Iniesta and Carles Puyol were sent to the country's capital, Tashkent, as club ambassadors - possibly to stand around looking uncomfortable at displays of local folk dancing.

Institutional links between the two peculiar partners continued and even involved a behind-closed-doors practice game between the pair at the beginning of January for a reported five million euro fee.

Until Tuesday, the blog was willing to accept the notion that Barça were simply doing their bit for détente and the breaking down of barriers.

But then it read a story in El Mundo concerning the (never-ending) sale of Mallorca.

Last summer, Mallorca's owners were being brave little bunnies and continuing to make themselves look nice and purty every night in their hunt for a rich hubbie.

And this persistence almost paid off for the relegation threatened wallflowers with English impresario, Paul 'the Plumber' Davidson expressing an interest in buying the Balearic battlers before thinking better of it.

But they were not the only suitors standing in line to buy a majority shareholding in the club, it would appear.

El Mundo are reporting that the club could have been taken off the hands of its holding company, Binipuntiró for some 60 million euro by Zemorax - a Zurich registered multinational that has its roots, by chance, in Uzbekistan.

It would appear that Zemorax is headed by a gentleman with the name of Miradil Djalalov, a 42 year old Uzbek businessman.

Up to now, this is admittedly a fairly dull affair. But that's before learning that Mallorca's owners, Binipuntiró, reportedly gave permission at the end of July to a Spanish - or should the blog say Catalan - law firm to begin negotiations for the sale of the club to Zemorax, a deal that could have been worth a cool 7 percent of the eventual fee to the legal eagles had the Davidson deal not clogged up the works.

These Ally McBeals happen to have been Laporta & Arbós, the firm owned by the Barcelona president. El Mundo write that they have requested a comment from the firm in regards to their role in deal and if their relationship with Zemorax will continue, but have yet to receive a response.

All in all, La Liga Loca couldn't be happier with the way the whole affair turned out.

The bonds between east and west were strengthened. Mallorca may still find their knight in shining armour in the Eastern Steppes. And Joan Laporta's laudable love affair with Uzbekistan could finally be bearing fruit.

What's more, La La Liga has one less thing to keep it awake at night.

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