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Oxlade-Chamberlain: What I really want for Christmas is (and it's not what you think)

So what's it like being a footballer at Christmas?

It's normal for us to be honest; I'm used to it now and it's business as usual. There are just more games in a shorter space of time, really.


Does that mean less training, then?

No, training is probably normal, actually. I'm used to training on Christmas Day and being in a hotel then too – the same on New Year's Eve.


What about Christmas Day this year?

I think we might train in the morning and then have the afternoons off with our families. Then that'll be it – it'll be all about getting ready for the game against QPR on Boxing Day. Obviously I don't get to spend too much time with my family around this time of year, but if I do I'll try to get in a meal at La Sala as a bonus.


What was it like with your Dad going away as a youngster? Do you remember it?

To be honest, no! I don't remember him going away at all, but I'm sure he did. By the time I was about five I think he'd retired anyway so I haven't really got much memory before that. I always remember him being at home.


What does the footballer who has everything ask for from Santa?

Me? I always ask for boxers and socks because all my mates constantly come round and nick them. [FFT: That's a weird thing to nick isn't it?] They go in my boxers and pants draw and eat them alive. I don't know where they go but I'm sure it's them who come around and take them.


You must be the only man out there who's delighted to get socks for Christmas?

Honestly, I'm over the moon with a nice pair of socks or Calvin Klein boxers. Happy as Larry.


Christmas dinner: turkey, chicken or something else?

I like chicken, though I do really like turkey. And beef too. [FFT: What aren't you allowed that you'd really want?] We're pretty much allowed everything… but maybe mince pies? Any puddings really.


It's Southampton away on New Year's Day, your former stomping ground. Do you get to spend a bit of time at home around that?

To be honest, home is a hotel; hotels are my home. Will I see midnight? No, no, no. We'll go to the hotel, have our lunch, dinner later and then head up to the room where I'll watch a couple of episodes of Sons of Anarchy. I'm enjoying that right now. Then I'll hit the sack – I'll be in a deep sleep way before the fireworks go off...


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a BT Sport ambassador. Watch Arsenal vs Queens Park Rangers from 5.15pm as one of five exclusively live games over the festive period, including double headers on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.