Quiz! Can you name the 30 highest Europa League goalscorers of all time?

Jermain Defoe

… OK, and the UEFA Cup too. Don’t worry, you get plenty of clues… 

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Thursday nights don’t always evoke glorious memories of unforgettable drama (unless you’re fans of Fulham, Middlesbrough or… nope, that’s all we’ve got) – but the competition is certainly fun for its guarantee of goals.

But who’s stuck balls into nets most frequently across UEFA Cup and Europa League history? To help you answer that question we’ve given you each player’s nationality below, plus the clubs they scored for in the competition.

Two Englishmen make the cut below, and the man at No.1 might surprise you (with no clues, it even stumped the FFT office for a while).

We’ve put nine minutes on the clock for you to name as many of these Euro goal-getters as you can. When you’re done, tell us your scores @FourFourTwo and we’ll retweet the best so long as you don’t give answers away. Then why not challenge some friends?

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