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Quiz! Can you name the 40 highest transfers OUT of the Premier League?

Romelu Lukaku
(Image credit: PA)

Ten minutes on the clock, 40 players to guess.

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo and share with your mates.

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Every few seasons, the likes of Bayern, Real and Barça come and poach our biggest star.

In reality, this doesn’t tend to happen too often. It’s generally Premier League clubs having a party with their giant pot of TV money, pilfering Europe’s finest players while struggling to offload their unwanted stars on bloated wages.

But when Real Madrid and Barcelona come calling, players go. Julien Faubert knows this. 

The fact that a transfer pre-dating the millennium features here is rather telling – but regardless; they are what they are and now we’d like you to try to name them all.

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