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Quiz! Can you name the Championship managers of 2017/18?

We all know that the average lifespan of a Championship manager is about 12 days – or something like that anyway – so you'd better get cracking with our latest quiz pronto. 

The 2017/18 campaign is only four games young, but patience is a rare commodity in English football's second tier, where shock results just aren't really that shocking, and clubs with money are often humbled.

Nonetheless, 24 blokes have currently got jobs in the Championship – and now we'd like you to name as many as you can in the four minutes provided. If you know your Barnsleys from your Brentfords, you'll probably quite enjoy this one. If you're a fair weather Match of the Day-er, we can only wish you luck.

We've put four minutes on the clock, and we'd like you to tell us how you get on afterwards @FourFourTwo – we'll retweet some scores so long as you don't give away answers like a daft apeth. Then why not test some pals afterwards to see how they fare? 

(Please note: Adblockers might stop you from seeing this quiz, so please turn them off for our site. We just want you to have fun, friends.)

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