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Quiz! Can you name the players with 10+ Premier League goals for Manchester City?

Sergio Aguero 150 goals

Suffice to say, Aguero is quite far ahead in the list of Manchester City’s all-time Premier League goalscorers.

Sure, it helps that he’s been at the club since 2011 and pretty much been an ever-present when fit, but he’s also been the best striker in the Premier League over that time, having scored at a rate of one goal every 108 minutes. 

It says a lot that Manchester City’s second-highest Premier League scorer is some 91 goals behind (and not even a striker), such has been Aguero’s dominance over the last seven years.

Regardless, 36 City players have hit 10 Premier League goals for the club since 1992/93, and it’s worth bearing in mind that the club were around for the first four seasons of the league’s existence.

Still, this one’s a little tricky so we’re giving you 10 minutes to have a crack at it. When you’ve finished, tell us how you got on @FourFourTwo and we’ll include you on our daily Twitter leaderboard if your score makes the cut. Then challenge some friends who are less clever than you…

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