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Quiz! Can you name these 40 national teams by their nicknames?

You've got your Copa America, you've got your Africa Cup of Nations, you've got your U21 European Championships, and you've got your Women's World Cup. International football is back.

On British television today, it is possible to watch nine full hours of football – and you'd still be missing two of the 8pm kick-offs.

So while you're watching those 1:30am Copa America matches, why not impress your mates with your wide-ranging knowledge of countries' nicknames? 

You’ve generally got to be a tiny bit imaginative when you’re dreaming up a nickname for your national side. For example, lots of countries go with the Lions (yawn) or the Dragons (they don’t even exist).

The Three Lions works though (because they're… three times better?), while the Indomitable Lions is stronger still. Roar. Other nicknames just don’t catch on. Scotland are apparently the Tartan Terriers, but that rings few bells with us. At least their supporters – the Tartan Army – have a real nickname to be cherished.

As do these fine national teams, each with a nickname that sends chills down the backs of their rivals.

It’s time to try to name all 40, from the All Whites right down to that trio of big cats. We’ve put seven minutes on the clock and we’d love to know your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best, if you don’t give answers away – and please challenge some friends when you're done. 


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