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Striker celebrates Copa Libertadores goal by getting into a car

Bolivian club Oriente Petrolero beat the Peruvians 2-0 at the Estadio Ramon Aguilera Costas in the first round of Copa Libertadores action.

Hector Sanchez opened the scoring for the hosts in the first half, but Freitas provided the game's most memorable moment after doubling Petrolero's lead 10 minutes from time.

After cooly slotting a first-time strike into the bottom corner, the eccentric Uruguayan sprinted over to a sponsored car behind the goal and took his seat behind the wheel. One team-mate even joined him in the passenger's seat, while another waved at him cheerily through the window. 

12:15 for Freitas' goal/celebration

Welcome to the Copa Libertadores, where wonderful stuff like this happens all the time.

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