This is the greatest football channel in the world

The season might be ending, but FourFourTwo YouTube is only getting started. 

Publishing brand new content all through the week (including cold, wet, Tuesday nights in Stoke), our YouTube channel is home to breaking news, exclusive stories, and tactical breakdowns that put the “fun” back into “functional and situational back three”.

Hosted by FourFourTwo’s own Adam Clery, the channel is also home to an extensive library of detailed performance guides to improve your game and rehab injuries, as well as world-class documentaries on everything from Lio Messi to the psychology behind penalty shootouts.

Taking the world of football one game at a time, always giving 110%, leaving everything out there (or there or thereabouts), simply click in-and-around the subscribe button, and enjoy. 

Want a taster? Check out our brand-new channel trailer above.

Huge thanks to the staff at Whitley Bay FC for allowing us to film at Hillheads Park. 

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Adam Clery

Adam published his first article for FourFourTwo in 2015, but didn’t publish his second until seven years later in 2022. A figure that would put him near the top end of any ranking for Longest Time Between Appearances For One Club. In the time between he plied his trade as both a writer and presenter on YouTube, earning the dubious distinction of being “The James Milner of WhatCulture”. Be that because he was capable of playing any role, or just because it felt like he’d been around forever, depends on who you ask. And yes, that is him from the Football Manager documentary and, no, he doesn’t want to talk about it.