Why is no one talking about the incredible new skill move invented by Joelinton this week?

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Some call him Joelinton. Others call him Ronaldinho reborn.

Newcastle United's no.7 is having a great season since converting to a midfield role and running games for the Magpies. He was particularly instrumental against Manchester United with a man of the match performance and this week against Everton, he was a huge presence, striding from box to box and knitting play for the Magpies.

And then, in one not-so-slick move, the Brazilian attempted a shot that ricocheted off his own face, in what can only be described in a moment probably harder to recreate than actually score. 

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Joelinton's error didn't really mean much in the grand scheme of things. The Toon picked up a valuable three points in the battle against the drop.

With such a moment going under the radar though, it seems unlikely to become a staple of five-star skillers on FIFA 23; it's perhaps not going to capture the imagination of freestylers on playgrounds across the country.

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Still… we enjoyed it. 

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