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World Cup 2022: Where will the 2022 World Cup final be held?

Qatar World Cup 2022
(Image credit: Getty Images)

The World Cup final in 2022 is set to be held at the Lusail Iconic Stadium, in Lusail, just north of Doha - which has been built specifically for the tournament.

The Iconic Stadium - where the World Cup final will take place - is set to have a capacity of 80,000. The design is said to be inspired by the sail of a traditional dhow since the city is located on the eastern coast, which is a historic focal point of pearling vessels.

The stadium was designed by British firm Foster + Partners - who also designed Wembley Stadium.

Construction officially began in April 2017, while the stadium's final design was unveiled in December 2018. The finish date of the construction was set for 2020 but pushed back to 2021. 

The stadium is set to host 10 games at the tournament including the final.

After the tournament, the stadium will be reduced in capacity. The tenants of the Iconic Stadium are set to become the Qatar national team - no club has yet taken the rights.

The city is costing $45 billion to build and construction is set to be completed in November 2021. Plans for the development of Lusail City were first announced in 2005 and after a cabinet resolution was passed in 2002, Lusail - along with its suburbs of Al Kharayej and Jabal Thuaileb - became the first areas of Qatar where foreigners could own real estate.

The Lusail Iconic Stadium is one of a number of building projects associated with the tournament which has been steeped in controversy. It has been claimed by many news sources and charities that migrant workers have been denied humane working conditions and a fair wage, with many who have worked on the Lusail Iconic Stadium and others said to have died. 

In August 2020, the Qatari government responded by announcing a monthly minimum wage for all workers of 1,000 riyals (US$275) - an increase from the previous temporary minimum wage of 750 riyals a month.