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Youth team training with Falcao, reports Falcao

Falcao played against Tottenham’s U21 side in midweek and has spoken of the boost his presence gave to the rest of the players.

Although he didn’t score or provide an assist, the Monaco loanee asserted that his contribution will be long remembered by his team-mates.

“Just to have the chance to play alongside a player of Falcao’s stature is something special,” Falcao told FourFourTwo.

“Of course I was on the field as a striker, but really I was there more as a motivator and role model. 

“After the game I sat with the young lads and let them bask in my aura. I talked them through Falcao’s career, Falcao’s training regime, Falcao’s grooming routine and answered their questions. I wanted them to see that Falcao is just a normal guy much like them, except an awful lot richer.”

However, despite Falcao’s self-styled munificence, some of the development players seemed underwhelmed by their brush with greatness.

“To be honest we weren’t totally sure who he was and why he was sitting with us talking us through the perfect wet shave,” Liam Grimshaw told FFT.

“Some of the lads were a bit creeped out. After all, he looks like someone you’d try to avoid eye contact with in a sauna.

“He said he was being paid £265,000 per week, but none of us believed the club would pay that to someone just to babysit us.

“He kept saying we could ask him anything, but he went really quiet when someone asked if he could get David de Gea’s autograph.”

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