9 April 2019
These Reds have turned out frequently in the Champions League – but can you get them all?
Jamie Vardy Huddersfield
8 April 2019
There’s a new man in the mix after Saturday’s exploits – but can you name the prolific goal-getters he’s now trying to chase down?
8 April 2019
Who are the players providing the most assists for one particular team-mate this season?
Brendan Rodgers
5 April 2019
We're asking you to name the most prolific multi-club bosses in Premier League history
5 April 2019
How many of the Anfield club’s most recent league goalscorers can you remember?
Raul Jimenez
4 April 2019
Wolves have added a new name to the top of their list after making a loan deal permanent. But can you name the biggest signings by all 20 Premier League sides?
FA Cup
4 April 2019
Can you get as close to glory as these teams did?
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
3 April 2019
As Spurs cut the ribbon, we're looking for the biggest grounds in good ol' Blighty (er, and Wales), from its hulking national stadium through to south-east London’s intimidating tiddler
3 April 2019
People now talk of a mini-league for the ‘big six’ who dominate the league’s top places – but it wasn’t always the way…
Ryan Giggs
2 April 2019
Can you name the long-serving Red Devils who’ve featured most often in the league since 1992/93?


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