Football Manager 2017
14 December 2016
Find out which real-life boss you're best matched with by taking our simple (and 100% scientifically accurate) test
Chelsea striker
14 December 2016
Twelve Blues have donned the shirt: but who? 
30 November 2016
Are you a commanding centre-back a la Diego Godin? More of a flying Arjen Robben type? Or is it all about the goals, Cristiano?
30 November 2016
Which players grabbed at least 10 goals and assists combined last season?
FourFourTwo’s Best 100 Football Players in the World 2016
29 November 2016
It's coming up to that time of year again, folks – but first, to celebrate this year's edition of our very own #FFT100 we thought we'd test your knowledge...
Steven Gerrard, 2006 FA Cup Final
25 November 2016
Seven starting XIs – all you have to do is name who was in them
24 November 2016
Which stars have aggravated Spain's goalkeepers the most? 
17 November 2016
Just pick out the Americas’ greatest goal-grabbers in England’s top flight


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