Manchester City
14 June 2017
They’ve splashed the cash like few other clubs in the past decade – and outlay has already increased this summer. But can you name Man City’s 50 most whopping signings?
David Ginola
13 June 2017
Spurs tend to invest shrewdly (most of the time). But being a respectable Premier League club, they’ve still thrown a few millions about. Can you tell us who it's bought them?
Man United transfers
7 June 2017
The most expensive deals in Red Devils history, from big-money hits to the expensive flops. Can you recall the top 50?
5 June 2017
It’s a Sherlock Holmes-sized challenge of skill and deduction: how many of these football grounds can you identify? 
Champions League
2 June 2017
As the Champions League showpiece arrives in Cardiff, can you name the locations to have hosted Europe’s biggest club game in the past?
Real Madrid
1 June 2017
These players from Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil – yes, even England – and beyond have all scored in European football’s biggest club game. How many can you recall with our clues?
FA Cup Final
26 May 2017
The two London clubs that meet on Saturday have played in one FA Cup final before, 15 years ago this summer. Can you recall the teams that day?
Didier Drogba
25 May 2017
Remember the late '90s? Spice Girls, the Millenium bug, the Euro... but can you recall who scored in the FA Cup final back then?
25 May 2017
Can you identify the top flight's most productive footballers in the final third this season?
2007 Champions League final
23 May 2017
It's a decade since the Italian side got their revenge over the Reds to lift Ol' Big Ears for the second time in five seasons. But who was on the teamsheets that day?


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