Cartu suspended after smashing dugout

LONDON - Former CFR Cluj coach Sorin Cartu, who was sacked for smashing up the dugout during a Champions League defeat, was fined 10,000 euros by UEFA and suspended for one match on Wednesday.

Sorin was dismissed by the Romanian club for "improper conduct" after repeatedly kicking and smashing through the dugout's perspex glass during the 1-0 defeat to Basel on November 23.

"Former CFR Cluj coach Sorin Cartu has been suspended for one UEFA club competition match," a statement on the governing body's website said.

"The suspension applies to the next UEFA club competition game for which Cartu would carry out his function."

Cluj were told to contact their Swiss opponents to pay for any damage. Defender Felice Piccolo, who was sent off in the same match for violent conduct, was suspended for three matches.