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FIFA 22: FUT updates announced for the new game, with brand new features

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EA has released the first look of FUT in FIFA 22, with brand-new updates coming to the game mode, from how users compete to how they customise stadiums. 

FUT - that's FIFA Ultimate Team - is the hugely popular squad building mode that allows users to compete online for rewards and incorporate legends into a team alongside current heroes. New legends have already been announced for the mode - and now there are even more new FUT features to look forward to.

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Division Rivals and FUT Champions are set for big changes this time around - with Seasons improving and win streaks on the game getting rewarded.

Division Rivals

EA are introducing a new seasonal progression system as well as a new space called the Elite Division, in which the best FUT players in the world can compete in - you'll probably see it on your YouTube sidebar pretty soon. 

Climbing Divisions and earning rewards has been overhauled, meaning you'll earn better rewards. Division Rivals has a new ladder system with checkpoints too, so you're more likely to stay at an appropriate skill level while you play. Winning consecutive matches in a row will start a winning streak; you’ll then progress an additional Stage for every consecutive win. 

All players start in Division 10, as ever. Placement Matches have been removed from Division Rivals though, alongside the placement route through Squad Battles. The Elite Division is a new tier of competition beyond Division 1.

Weekly Rewards in Division Rivals can be earned by winning games during the week as ever - with better rewards for winning games in a higher Division. Division Rivals is now a seasonal competition - it's tied to an overall FUT Season and last around six weeks long. Season Milestones are a new way to earn even more rewards in Division Rivals simply by playing Rivals matches.

FUT Champions

FUT Champions Hub

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EA have looked to the EFL for Champions inspiration with a new competition structure, adding Champions Play-Offs and Finals. This means improved accessiblity for all, with fewer matches in the week. 

To get into FUT Champions, you’ll still need to earn Champions Qualification Points in Division Rivals - but this is where the Play-Offs come in. The Champions Play-Offs are the first leg of the overall FUT Champions competition, open for the duration of the FUT Season. Players can then play games at their own pace, earning points for a limited number of games that they play in their own time - earn enough points, and you'll unlock a Finals Qualification Token, granting access to the Champions Finals.

The FUT Champions Finals are weekend championships, similarly to the Weekend League in FIFA 21. The Finals Qualification Token gives you the flexibility to enter the competition whenever you want - so there's no need to play at a specific time.

In the Finals, where you finish will determine additional rewards. Finish all the matches in the Finals and you can claim your rewards instantly - otherwise, your rewards will come at the end of the competition, based of course on where you finished. Simple! 

More updates

There are so many more updates to FUT, too. EA have re-organised the home screen, with Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) now accessible from the Home tab, while on the Play tab, you’ll find all of the gameplay features: Squad Battles, Division Rivals, FUT  Champions, Friendlies, and FUT Draft (Single Player and Online). 

There's a new Player Item view to show off key Attributes, too. By default, this view will show relevant Attributes based on position, making it easier to sort players. There's also a new Celebration Camera Focus settings that allow you to focus on either your team's reaction or your opponent’s celebration when conceding a goal. 

But more excitingly, there are new Heroes cards - which are similar to Icon cards, featuring the likes of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Freddie Ljungberg and Jerzy Dudek. 

And then there's the new Stadium Customisation options. There are VIP areas in your stadium now, even more tifo options and seasonal themes to explore, too. 

The Ultimate Team season kicks off on October 1. You can preorder the game now on Amazon

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