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FIFA 23: Juventus are back in the game! Piemonte Calcio is no more

FIFA 23: Juventus
(Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 23 is set to include Juventus for the first time since FIFA 19.

The club has been represented as Piemonte Calcio for the past three editions of the game – but the Turin giants are returning with a bang. Claudio Marchisio will join as a FUT Hero and current player Dusan Vlahovic will also serve as an ambassador for the game.

This is set to be a multi-year partnership, according to EA – meaning that the Italian club is not here simply for the one last FIFA game before the franchise is renamed EA FC.

Juventus rejoining FIFA 23: What does this mean?

Juventus leaving FIFA in the first place was a big shock to the game. 

The absence of one of the biggest superclubs in Europe meant that Konami could steal in and secure clubs from under EA's noses – but this deal to reintegrate the Old Lady is a statement of intent that EA want FIFA to be the most hyper-realistic game out there, now and in the future as EA FC.

“We’re excited to reaffirm our deep commitment to Italian football through this exclusive partnership with Juventus,” said David Jackson, VP of brand for FIFA. “This phenomenal club means so much to us and our fans, and will enable EA Sports to continue to deliver the most authentic and comprehensive interactive football experiences possible in FIFA 23 and beyond.”

“We are proud to return by EA Sports’ side,” said Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Chief Revenue Officer. “The partnership with EA Sports goes beyond the concept of traditional partnership, together in the shared project of looking into the future, talking to new generations, riding the wave of new trends, urban culture and lifestyle. 


(Image credit: EA Sports)

“We chose EA Sports to go one step further because it is a partner sharing our vision and ambition. We are pleased to make this journey with a brand standing out for its originality, uniqueness, and innovation, as Juventus does.”

Juventus are, of course, by no means the only new addition to the game in terms of clubs. Women's club football is to be added to FIFA 23 along with other huge innovations. 

Here's everything we know so far about the game.

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