Hernandez: Comment 'nothing to do with RVP'

Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez has refuted claims he delivered a social-media jibe at team-mate Robin van Persie.

Van Persie was quoted blaming his team-mates for a lack of space after their 2-0 loss to Olympiacos in the UEFA Champions League in mid-week.

The Mexico international posted a message on photo-sharing app Instagram that read, "Without your team-mates you can't be somebody in football, always be thankful."

But Hernandez used another social networking tool, Twitter, to banish speculation the post was directed at his Dutch team-mate.

"Before I go to sleep, I need to put this cause things get a little out of context..." Hernandez said.

"Why do the press always take my comments out of context, my comment on Instagram had nothing to do with RVP. We are great teammates working for the same goal, the TEAM! & Cause the team isn't doing as well as we'd like everyone just wants to make everything look like a bad thing!"

Van Persie's post-match comments sparked plenty of furore, including from former United midfielder Johnny Giles who labelled the goalscorer a 'prat'.