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Will Monday be a bank holiday if England win Euro 2020?

Local residents carry an official giant England Nationwide Respect campaign flag from Neeld Crescent in Brent, where Raheem Sterling grew up, to Wembley Stadium
(Image credit: PA)

Could we see a celebratory bank holiday Monday if England win Euro 2020?

There are reportedly serious discussions in government about giving the nation a day off if the Three Lions beat Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday night.

Despite some hopes for an immediate reprieve from work the following day to recover from any over-exuberance, however, fans may have to wait to enjoy it.

Friday, August 27 has become the likeliest option for an extra bank holiday – six weeks after the final. This would allow it to tie in with the already-existing bank holiday Monday on August 30, creating a bonanza four-day weekend.

Another option considered has been Monday, July 19 – just a week after the final. That is also the date that COVID restrictions in England are lifted, meaning masks and social distancing would no longer be mandated in pubs.

But bank holidays need to be ratified by the Queen and the Privy Council, and July 19 may be too soon to sort everything out.

Certainly, anyone pinning their hopes on a July 12 national day off will find themselves disappointed – so remember to pace your enjoyment of the game.

Should the unthinkable happen and England lose to Italy... well, an extra bank holiday would be unlikely.