It's just like Mikel Arteta's mama makes!

Even if you’re not soaking up the Spanish sun any time soon, jot down this simple recipe and enjoy caramelised rice pudding at home. And don’t worry, Mikel Arteta, there’s no lemon or jam here...

When Mikel Arteta goes home to Spain he likes nothing more than tucking into his mum's rice pudding. "She puts a little bit of cinnamon in it – never lemon. It’s the best, but you can’t go round there and have any – it’s just for me. The English have jam with it, but that destroys it," he tells FFT.


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Follow this recipe find out what the fuss is all about....



• 1 litre of whole milk

• 60g caster sugar

• 40g butter

• 50g small grain rice

• 1 cinnamon stick

• 1/4 orange peel


(Serves 4)


1 Mix the cinnamon and orange peel with the milk. Bring to the boil and leave for 20mins.

2 Pour 500ml milk into a pan, together with the rice.

3 Mix both together, letting it boil before reducing the heat.

4 Add remaining 500ml milk to the pan, again letting it boil before reducing heat.

5 Add the butter and sugar and boil for  10mins until you get desired thickness.

Recipe was provided by Iberica’s head chef, Cesar Garcia. To book a table at Iberica visit


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