How to stay fit between games

Complete this circuit six times:
(Circuit 1 & 2) 30 secs work, 15 seconds rest per exercise
(Circuit 2 & 3) 20 secs work, 20 seconds rest per exercise
(Circuit 3 & 4) 20 secs work, 10 seconds rest per exercise

Kettlebell swings 
If you want to get your heart and lungs burning like they do on a Saturday afternoon, then this exercise is a great place to start. “Moving resistance at a high intensity will really elevate your heart rate,” says Goff. “Make sure you hinge at your hips, it’s not a squat and swing. Stay tight and don’t over arch your back.”

Clean and press
This full body movement will ensure you build a durable engine and a strong exterior. “This exercise works hundreds of muscles and is great for developing power. Start at the ground, or mid-shin if you don’t have the mobility, drive your hips through, drop into a front squat and then drive up above your head.”

Weighted deadbug
A strong core will enable you to run and turn more efficiently – so don’t neglect it. “This is far better – and more difficult - than a standard sit-up. Make sure you really tuck your knees in to get a good squeeze. You’ll find this slightly easier on your engine than the previous two exercises, to prepare you for the final two.”

Reverse lunge
Without a strong pair of pins, you’ll be unable to run box-to-box and make the most of your hard earned fitness. “This is perfect for glute activation. Footballers suffer so many hamstring injuries – to avoid that you need to have strong hamstrings and glutes, so this is a great move for injury prevention.”

Mountain climbers
Running is a lot more difficult when you’re on the floor with your hands in front of you. “Mimicking a running motion while holding yourself up with your hands is taxing on your engine, but also on your core. Bring your knees up as high as possible and you’ll really feel it burn – don’t be cheating at the end!”

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