Prime your legs to twist and turn through any gap

Skater hop

Muscles: quads, hip adductors
Stand with your weight on your left leg, bending at the knee. Tuck your right leg behind your left, keeping it off the floor. Drop down slightly on your left leg, before exploding out to your right. Land on your right foot, bringing your left leg behind you. Continue bounding back and forth.
Sets 3 Reps 16

Sidestep shuffle

Muscles: hip adductors/abductors
Place two cones 3m apart. Position
yourself between the cones in an athletic-ready position. On the coach’s command, shuffle at speed to your right and touch the cone, then burst to your left and touch the cone. Stay low and keep your head up. Repeat for the prescribed time.
Sets 3 Reps Work for 15 seconds

Resisted sprint

Muscles: hip flexors, hamstrings
Mark out a 20m sprinting lane.
Working with a partner, fasten a resistance band around your waist and have them hold it taut behind you. Stand at one end of the lane, and on their command sprint to the other end. Focus on pumping your arms and driving your legs.
Reps 8

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This workout was provided by elite conditioning coach Jamie Reynolds. Reynolds is the founder of Velocity Training Club. For more information visit and follow@jamie_velocity

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