Move like Messi

So much praise has been heaped upon Barcelona’s Argentine magician over the last decade, ‘Messi’ might just become a superlative in its own right.

He scores wonder-goals with such bewildering regularity that he’s almost downgraded them to the level of tap-ins.

Every goal is unique, but they all follow a similar-yet-brilliant script: Messi negotiates a barricade of defenders, apparently without effort, before finding the net with a perfectly placed finish. Opponents always know what’s coming – he isn’t the sort to use flashy tricks – but they can’t stop him. Why?

Simple: because his athleticism is superhuman. Don’t let Messi’s slight physique deceive you, he’s a beast. His ability to accelerate and decelerate in the blink of an eye sets him apart.

Then there’s his agility. Messi can change direction more sharply than a cartoon mouse darting between the legs of a screaming housewife.

If you were able to develop a fraction of his powers, you would light up Sunday league pitches like never before. And it’s achievable, but you’ve got to be willing to put the work in, as Messi explains: “I always try to train and improve every day so I can perform at my best level in every moment,” he says. “My objective is to arrive at each game in the best condition to perform at my maximum.”

We want the same for you. But sorting a training session with the best in the world is a bit tricky, so we have the next best thing: a training guide built around Messi’s game to help you replicate his moves. Just follow it. Simple.

The Lionel Messi training guides
Prime your legs to twist and turn through any gap
Add whoosh to your wiggle
Train like a superstar: Essential cardio
Eat like a superstar: Muscle fuel

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