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How much do football boots cost?

Nike Phantom Scorpion
(Image credit: Nike)

The most expensive football boots ever belonged to Rio Ferdinand. Designer Luisa Di Marco pimped out some Nike Total 90s in the mid-2000s, spray painting them, graffitiing them and embedding 2,500 diamonds and rubies into them. 

Luckily your average boot is a lot cheaper than that though: expect to pay anywhere between £220 and £280 for the brand-new models as soon as they come out. 

Different boots vary in price, naturally, since there are different styles and studs, even. Nike, for example, price their Phantom and Vapor boots within that range - but there are older Superfly boots you can pick up for under £80 from Nike's official website.  

Likewise, Adidas offer plenty of boots when they're released at £230. Their Copa Mundial range is significantly cheaper, however.

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You can also pick up good deals on boots over on ProDirect, who offer many different styles and brands for as cheap as £20. 

Be sure to keep an eye out over on Ebay too, for any bargains that may become available.

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