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Honduras boss Suarez ready to attack Swiss

Bottom of Group E and without a point at the FIFA World Cup, Honduras can still reach the last 16.

Suarez's men (0 points, -4 goal difference) need a big win over Switzerland (three, -2) and for France (six, +6) to beat Ecuador (three, 0).

Knowing his team need a win and to improve their goal difference significantly, Suarez said they would attack in Manaus.

"We cannot win 1-0, it has to be 3-0, so we will be different than against France and Ecuador," he told reporters.

"If you put it in a spreadsheet it is easy, but to put it into practice is difficult. We will be aggressive but we have to defend.

"We have to attack a lot, defend and have a three-goal difference, so we have to be very intelligent, very dedicated, have all our senses fully invested."

Suarez believes playing in high humidity at the Arena de Amazonia will be an advantage for his team, but he said it would make no difference to the result.

"It would be an advantage because we are used to the high humidity," he said.

"People complain too much. The coaches and squads complain about everything. Bolivia play in La Paz 3,600 metres high, we do this in San Pedro Sul, or we could complain because we played a match in low temperatures in Curitiba. There is always someone complaining.

"This is used as an excuse, you do not win or lose because of weather, a pro has to be prepared for all conditions, for heat, for good or bad pitches, hostile fans, positive fans, we have to be ready for that.

"If you are not ready you are not a true pro. These factors sometimes make a difference but they do not justify a win or a loss."