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Ibrahimovic: New generation do not work as hard

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic feels the younger generation of players have not had to work as hard as he did to reach the top.

Ibrahimovic has enjoyed a glittering career, winning domestic league titles in four countries and playing for some of Europe's biggest clubs.

And the former Sweden international, 35, believes his veteran status gives him a greater appreciation of those achievements.

"I am working hard, I like the hard work, I am very happy that I am from the old generation, the hard-working generation," Ibrahimovic told Sky Sports.

"I believe the new generation, let's say it is a bit easier for them, because they get explored in the media in a different way, much bigger, much faster than when I popped up in the football world.

"I met team-mates, played with different teams, and they worked hard to get what they got and achieve.

"I do not want to say it is totally different, but I do not see the same hard-working thing when I see the new generation.

"Like you say, when I come I like to work hard, and when I work hard I am satisfied. I know I am doing something good, but for myself, not for somebody else to say: 'Oh Ibra you are working hard'."

Ibrahimovic has scored 13 goals in 19 Premier League appearances for United this season.