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Video: Steward gets two-footed in bonkers aftermath of Copa Argentina match

The game between Central Norte and Talleres de Perico, which ended 1-0 to the visitors who were knocked out after losing 2-1 on aggregate, ended in chaos.

Tempers flared after the final whistle, with Talleres striker David Arganarez losing the plot. When he was eventually calmed down by his team-mates, a steward by the tunnel decided to spit at Talleres defender Franco Sosa.

The hi-vis-clad antagonist ran away but Sosa and his team-mates gave chase, Arganarez eventually bringing the offender down with a brutal two-footed tackle.

He injured himself in the process, though, opening himself up to a kicking by the steward and his crony.

Eventually, the latter was restrained and taken away by security personnel.

Mark Clattenburg wouldn’t have stood for this.

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