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Optimist or pessimist?

1. It’s hammering down with rain on match day. Your immediate reaction is…
A) Brilliant! The ball will zip off the  surface and suit our style of play
B) Haven’t even noticed the weather
C) Oh no, it’s just another lousy, grey, wet day in England
2. The manager calls you into his office after training. You don’t know what it’s about. Do you immediately think...
A) He must want to congratulate me or share some good news
B) I have no idea what it will be about
C) It’s got to be bad news – he hardly ever asks to see me

3. Your team just got knocked out of the cup. The next day everyone is down. Do you…
A) Actively attempt to boost team spirit. Focus on the positives and looking ahead
B) Train as normal, keep your head down and get away as soon as possible
C) Understand their disappointment. It’s going to be tough week

4. A new signing is made in your position. Do you think…
A) Adding strength and depth creates healthy competition. Let’s get to work!
B) All teams make new signings. It’s just part of football
C) My position is under threat. The manager obviously doesn’t rate me

5. You’ve taken a knock and the physio tells you it’s going to be six weeks before you return. How do you react?
A) It could have been worse. I’m going to focus on coming back stronger
B) Getting injuries is just part of football
C) This is a disaster – I’m going to miss too many important games
6. You’ve played poorly for 89 minutes. Your team is 1-0 down and you’ve won a penalty. You are the usual spot-kick taker but another confident player on the team asks to take it. Do you…
A) Take it yourself. After all, you are still the designated kicker
B) Give it to him
C) Look around the team for others who look confident

7. You’re 3-0 down at half-time. The manager asks you how to approach the team talk. Do you suggest…
A) There are lots of good things about the first half – we’ve still got a chance here
B) What’s the point? It’s over. Just get me off and rest me for the next game
C) Shut up shop, gaffer, it’s damage limitation. Let’s stop them scoring more
8. This weekend you’re playing the league leaders. Last time they beat you 5-2. This time you’re unaware if their team has the same players. Do you…
A) Focus on your own strengths and the ability of the team to beat them this time
B) Think they will probably win and not hold high hopes, to avoid disappointment
C) Immediately remember their best players and how you felt inferior to them

If you mainly answered A… You’re an optimist
You thrive in challenging situations, responding to setbacks with positive action. You empower the team with a can-do mentality.

If you mainly answered B… You’re apathetic
You lack interest, enthusiasm or concern and can be difficult to build a relationship with because you appear withdrawn.

If you mainly answered C… You’re a pessimist
You hold negative expectations and kill potential. You take energy away from a winning culture and damage dressing room positivity.

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