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Steven Pienaar: How to find space

Whether it’s deploying an old school man-to-man marker or squeezing the space as a well-drilled unit, defences will do everything they can to nullify the threat of a crafty playmaker.

In theory, if they can stop the ball getting to his feet, they can stop the ammunition to the strikers.

This is enough to stop the average creative spark, but the elite find room to operate.

Everton’sSteven Pienaar likes to lurk in no-man’s land.

“You have to find space in between the midfield and defence because it’s there that you can cause confusion for the opposition,” he told FFT.

“Opposition defenders don’t like to go all the way in and the midfielders aren’t sure whether they should drop off.

If the midfielders do drop off, the player in front of them will have more space.

“So if you move in between the lines it can be really difficult for both the opposition defenders and midfielders to mark you.”

To hear more from Pienaar hit play and watch this video.

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