Adidas' fresh new football motto

Imagine being first... but all the time. That's what adidas believe is the standard of football being played out their doors and channeled accross the globe with their new 'First Never Follows' campaign. Featuring Ozil, Bale, Messi, and more high profile footballing stars, adidas are taking the football world by storm with the latest innovations to make sure that footballers get to pole position, and never follow.

adidas Football's mission is to push the limits of the game forward, driving the performances of Messi, Pogba, Bale, James Rodríguez and Sunday League players around the world. There is no limit to who can push the boundries of their footballing dreams with adidas, who make sure that wheter your an elite footballing superstar, up and coming in the ranks, or a weekend warrior, you can have that chance of being first... and never following. Because anyways, who likes to follow?

Visit adidas Australia to check out the adidas football experience, and stay up to date with everything on Twitter and Instagram at @adidasAU. #FirstNeverFollows

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