Angry Mourinho responds over Eto'o furore

Jose Mourinho believes Samuel Eto'o has "no reason to be upset" at criticism from the Chelsea boss that has been made public.

Mourinho was recorded making negative comments about Eto'o and Chelsea's other strikers at a sponsorship launch when he was unaware he was on camera, but feels his words have been taken out of context.

"I have a team but no striker," Mourinho was reported as saying.

"It is not possible for us to win the Premier League. We have Samuel Eto'o. Yes, Eto'o, but he is 32, maybe even 35, I don't know."

Addressing the resulting headlines created by the incident, Mourinho made his frustration clear at a press conference prior to the first leg of Chelsea's UEFA Champions League last-16 tie against Galatasaray.

Asked whether he was "embarrassed", Mourinho replied: "I think you should be embarrassed as a media professional, because from an ethical point of view I don't think you are happy that not you but your colleague is able to record a private conversation and to make it public."

The Portuguese added: "From my point of view, is it not a happy moment, absolutely.

"I am not defending what I am saying. The comment is obviously not a good one. It's not obviously one that I would do in a serious way.

"It's not something I would do in an official way in an interview – first of all, because I don't make fun, secondly because if there is managers in the world that really defend their players, I’m obviously one of them, and third because Samuel Eto’o is Samuel Eto'o.

"He's one of the few players that is working with me at a second different club and a manager never does that when he doesn't like the player and doesn’t like the person."

Referring to a previous interview by Eto'o, the Chelsea boss added: "He has no reason to be upset, because also he told a few years ago that Mourinho is the only manager that I will never play for, yet after one year he was playing for me at Inter and a few years later he is playing with me (again).

"There is no story. It was a funny conversation between me and somebody that doesn't belong to the football world. We were laughing at every word I was saying.

"I really think it is a disgrace that someone is recording a private conversation."

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Mourinho: << I think you should be embarrassed as a media professional. From the ethical point of view you shouldn't be happy that a colleague is able to record a private conversation and make it public. You should all be embarrassed because it's against the ethics of your work. Is it a not-happy comment? Absolutely. But from the ethical point of view it's a real disgrace >>.

so priceless,
so hypocrite
so funny

the notorious big mouth, too big to quit spitting crap all the time, now also proved how hypocrite is.

For is more than proved how much the big mouth is the greatest example in top football of Machiavellic lack of ethics and moral, pushing all his players and staff to stick to his winning at all costs, no matter what is to be transgressed, cheated, bought, cheated etc etc.
who doesnt know the facts the supporting this claim,
just google for the big mouth name and "poked the eye of barcelona trainer"
"cheated uefa ban and got in the dressing room hiding in a laundry skip"
so on and on.

how one can deny the wise men proverbs that tell how distinct vicious use to be found together.