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11 of the funniest Arsene Wenger GIFs: Rice love, scraps... and the doomed coat

1. Wenger the playground bully, pt.I (vs Martin Jol)

Jol seems to have the confidence to challenge his north London adversary, but stops short of following through with his noggin. By the time he's face to face with Wenger, it almost looks as if he's apologetic. 

2. Wenger vs Water Bottle, pt.I

It musn't have tasted very nice. 

3. Wenger vs Disallowed Goal

Wenger, who doesn’t have the best of relationships with Manchester United fans, wasn't going to hold back when his side scored. Unfortunately for him, United fans got the last laugh after Arsenal’s goal was struck off. 

4. Wenger the playground bully, pt.II (vs Alan Pardew)

Before The Special One turned up to Wenger’s playground, Pards fancied a go – and lost.

5. Wenger vs The Missed Opportunity

How do you get your way out of celebrating a shot that didn’t go in? Simple. Let's twist again!

6. Wenger vs Water Bottle, pt.II

Wenger chucks (or kicks, in his incident) his toys out of the pram.

7. Wenger vs The Celebration

The jolly Frenchman remembers not to step beyond his lines, and turns his jog into a sprinting-on-the-spot exercise. Or a Grand National tribute. 

8. Wenger the playground bully, pt.III (vs Jose Mourinho)

Wenger, outraged by Mourinho’s pre-match chatter, waits for an opportunity to strike – and it doesn’t take long. When Gary Cahill clatters into Alexis Sanchez, the fuse is blown in a feisty game that Arsenal go on to lose 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. 

9. Wenger vs The Pocket

Wenger has faced off against some of the biggest names in football but, no doubt, his biggest nemesis has been his troublesome coat. 

10. Wenger vs The Missed Opportunity II


11. Wenger vs The Zip

It's that bloody coat again, this time providing too difficult to handle with its pesky zipper. 

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