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19 tips for making it big time in New Star Soccer

The latest version of New Star Soccer is ruddy ace. We named it recently in our best football apps and best football video games of all time. Almost all of the FourFourTwo team have bashed away at it during an idle bus/train/ferry/horse ride.


After the latest update, which adds replays and a choice of graphical style, we asked the game's makers if they could help us out with some tips for making it to the top. They've put together their best advice. Drink it in like a can of NRG.

1. Drink lots of NRG

When you first start a new career, make sure to buy as many cans of NRG as possible before reaching Star rating 2 in order to take advantage of the cheapest price. 

2. Buy cans before progressing

Always buys cans just before going up a Star level as prices go up in line with Star levels

3. Lifestyle items come later

Lifestyle items always stay the same price, so don’t spend all your money on these early on in your career. An extravagant lifestyle can come later. 

4. Upgrading or repair instead

Team-mate relationship is the most important thing early on in your career

When your team-mates ask you if you want to go shopping, upgrading/repairing items that you already own will still make them happy. 

5. It's all about the team

Team-mate relationship is the most important thing early on in your career, so concentrate on passing and getting assists. That way you will get more chances in a game. Only shoot if you know you are going to score. 

6. Get an agent

Invest in Agents and Trainers, even the lowest level will give you great benefits, such as knowing when to renegotiate your contract and reducing the amount of energy needed to train. 

7. Check your energy

If you don’t have enough energy to start a game, check to see if you have enough energy to train before drinking an NRG can, that way, you are using your energy wisely. 

8. Get that new contract

If your boss relationship is good, it’s always worth checking to see if you can negotiate a better contract after going up a star level. If he is not ready to offer you a new contract your relationship will drop slightly but he will make it clear what you need to do in order to qualify. 

9. Wait before you pass

When opposition players start closing you down it’s sometimes a good strategy to wait until they get closer to you before passing as this can either create a gap to pass the ball into or you can chip the ball over their head by hitting the ball lower down but with less power. 

10. Pass forwards

Don’t pass backwards as attacking play often breaks down, always try to pass forwards. 

11. Get swerve boots

Save up for swerve boots, they might be really expensive but they pay for themselves as you will score lots of extra goals. Once you’ve used them once, you will always want them. You can practice playing with any boot directly from the shop. 

12. Invest in property

When it comes to lifestyle items, properties are the best thing to buy as they boost your recovery and if you save up for the stable you can also buy, train and race your own horses in order to get more income. 

13. Get the rebound

When you are captain of your team, if you are shooting at goal always send one of your team-mates into the box too. That way, if you miss, there is a chance your team-mate will get in on the rebound. 

14. More lifestyle items = more sponsors

If you are wondering why you are not getting more sponsors, it’s probably because you don’t have enough lifestyle items.

15. Go to the best league you can

In order to impress the international boss, you need to be playing at a high enough level in order to get his attention. You may even have to move to a more competitive league. 

16. Beware underage gambling

Don’t get caught in the casino when you are underage. The penalties for this are very severe. 

17. And beware the other half too

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Don’t let your girlfriend/boyfriend relationship drop too low as they could go on a rampage and destroy your boss relationship, making it very difficult to get back into the team. 

18. The higher you go the more difficult it is

Don’t be tempted to transfer up the leagues too soon as the difficulty ramps up in the higher leagues. Make sure in particular that you have trained up your pace, as you won’t be able to successfully complete the dribbling mini game at higher levels unless you are much quicker. 

19. Practice makes… prizes

You can get rewards from doing well in the practice mode.

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