“Hay Liga!” as Spain’s stoppage is called off

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“Hay Liga!” “The league is on!” cried the hat-throwing, joyous press in the Spanish capital on Wednesday morning. Normally that clarion call is reserved for when Real Madrid get to within 20 points of Barcelona at the top of the table, but this time it was meant in its most literal sense - there will be football this weekend after all.

When the Spanish League (LFP) called a 'postponement’ on this weekend’s round of games - shoving the back end of la Primera's timetable into June in the process - it seems that those behind this batty scheme aimed at forcing the government into making every game pay-per-view failed to consider three basic questions: Do the fans support the move? Do all the clubs in the league support the move? Is it legal?

The answer to all three of these conundrums was a big fat 'no'. The response from supporters of all clubs on message boards and on the Twitter-sphere has been one of annoyance (mixed with tired resignation at the idiots running their sport), considering plans were being messed up by forcing the final round of la Primera to take place three weeks after the second to last one, not to mention shifting the Clásico to Easter when many potential ticket holders would be heading to the coasts for some holidays.

Whilst the Big Boys remained quiet on the affair, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, Zaragoza, Espanyol, Sevilla and Villarreal were less reticent and challenged the LFP’s decision in the courts on Tuesday. A day later judge Purificación Pujol Capilla rejected the legality of the stoppage, forcing the LFP to surrender and allow this weekend’s games to resume as normal.

“Football only sells passion, if we kill people’s passion then we’re going to kill football,” said Villarreal Delegate Councillor, José Manuel Llaneza, after the decree was made.

The LFP have now published the fixture list for the weekend giving clubs and fans a whole three to four days to make their necessary plans for the next round of matches, but LLL imagines that the organisation will be falling into an enormous sulk at what has been an abject failure on their part.

The LFP’s VP, José María Cruz, already handed in his resignation on Tuesday night, and LLL would like to see everyone else there falling on their swords too. The problem is, with their utter incompetency, they’d all probably miss...

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