Chelsea courting of Kaka rocks Milan's boat

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They won't let it go will they. The old Ricky Kaka-to-Chelsea story is out in the UK press again.

Milan must be sick of Chelsea, and England for that matter.

Thumped 5-0 by the Blues last week, losing 1-0 to Manchester City at the weekend and now this: it probably makes vice-president Adriano Galliani nostalgic for the days when Real Madrid were trying to rock the Rossoneri boat.

If Chelsea are reportedly willing to offer 100million euro for the Brazilian why don’t they just get on and do it?

It’s not as if Milan are suddenly going to say: “here have him and good-luck.”

In fact, talking of sea vessels, Galliani has already revealed that he spent a pleasant evening on Roman Abramovich’s yacht recently.

The Pelorus: Abramovich's weekend getaway

Apparently, the pair engaged in a little verbal sparring over their twin obsessions: the aforementioned Kaka and Andriy Shevchenko.

Between the canapés, the conversation went something like this:

Galliani: “Can I have Shevchenko, please?”

Abramovich: “No, but I can I have Kaka, please?”

Galliani: “No, but can you pass me another olive, please?”

And so it probably went on long into the night.

"Nah nah nah, I'm not listening." Kaka keeps cards close to chest

What I am trying to highlight is that no knows what is going on behind the scenes.
What we do know from previous postings is that the Brazilian is a clear-thinking businessman who will do what is best for the Kaka brand.

Chelsea, Champions League, percentage of the transfer fee, massive salary and so forth are all sound economic reasons for a move to London.

In fact, he is probably sitting in his lakeside Como villa resting that troublesome knee and mulling over what he should do – and no doubt Milan are doing the same.

For the moment, the club are refusing to say anything which only fuels further speculation that something may be afoot.

After all, 100mill would coming in nicely to fill up those gaping holes in defence.