Derby day in BA

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In the August 2008 issue of FourFourTwo magazine, Argie Bargy reported on the intense rivalry between Independiente and Racing.

At the end of last season Racing were a goal away from being relegated, but survived to live on in the Primera. They are, after all, one of Argentina's most supported clubs, fourth after their arch enemy Independiente.

Both teams are based in the poverty stricken Avallaneda neighbourhood of the city which is split by support for either team.

As Independiente struggle to make an impact at the top of the league, Racing are still fighting for survival; staying up was merely the beginning of their campaign.

Independiente vs Racing: Never a dull affair

Beset by boardroom wrangles and severe financial straits (many players are owed money) Racing, under the leadership of the ever positive Juan Manuel Llop, need a relegation worry-free season, and a win over Independiente would do wonders for team morale.

One interesting footnote will be the reception of Hilario Navarro in Independiente's red jersey. Last season he appeared in Racing's blue and white and played a significant part in keeping them in the first division.

Racing have lost both of their first two games, while Independiente have four points from their two matches. 

Meanwhile in Beijing, as the men's football team warm up for Saturday's final against Nigeria, the women's hockey team - known as the lionesses - have won a proud bronze for their efforts, despite an overall performance which lacked their usual bite.