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Kangaroo stops play during league game in Australia

Canberra's top two women's teams Capital Football Club and Belconnen United faced off on Sunday.

But on the stroke of half-time - with the visitors leading 1-0 - a male eastern grey kangaroo hopped his way onto the turf and caused a scene. He stayed on for 32 minutes, spending most of his time relaxing in the penalty box.

Eventually, a coach in a pickup truck plucked up the courage to chase the roo out of the stadium.

"It was just a real menace," Capital official Amber Harvey told The News Tribune.

"A few people came close to it to see if they could maybe get it to move on. It stood up pretty tall. I think it was just over 6 feet, so they backed off pretty quickly. But I don't think anyone was alarmed too much by it."

Quite literally, only in Australia.

Despite the unusual interruption, Belconnen won the game 2-0.

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