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Keane urged to reveal where he buried Haaland

Grieving relatives of Alf-Inge Haaland have begged Roy Keane to reveal where he is buried, in the hope that it might finally allow them to move on with their lives.


While playing for Manchester City in April 2001, Haaland was murdered by Keane in an act of revenge for having survived a previous murder attempt in 1997 when the Norwegian was playing for Leeds United. Police believe the former Manchester United captain bludgeoned the midfielder to death with his own severed leg, before burying him somewhere in Cheshire.


Keane has never revealed the location of Haaland’s body, nor expressed remorse for his actions, limiting his comments on the case to declare that he “****ing ****ed [Haaland] hard, right in the ****. **** that, you ****. And don’t ever **** about ****ing my **** , or I’ll ****ing **** your **** with ****, ****, ****, and a spoon.”


Keane, one of the Premier League’s most highly-regarded psychopaths, was finally captured in 2006 and held for two years in a mental institution in Sunderland. He was released on condition that he be accompanied 24 hours a day by Adrian Chiles, a ruling that human rights campaigners have described as ‘inhumane’.