Life’s a beach for Ronaldo transvestite

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As Ronaldo knows only too well, life is full of surprises.

For instance, we thought nothing could be worse than a Ronnie look-a-like starring in a porn movie.

Well surprise, surprise...

Andréia Albertini, one of the three transvestites caught with the player in a motel room, is now the star of her own x-rated flick. And speculation on whether another Ronnie clone will seen be on screen is already running high.

She’s a phenomenon, an Icaro Studios production, is set to be released in early July. And the movie is only one of the recent pieces of good news for 'her.'

After trying to “get up on life” at the expense of the Milan player, life has been a beach for Andréia – formerly known as a man named André Luiz Albertini.

She has debuted in the theatre, starring in a play entitled “I’m the star” in a gay restaurant called Bill Pizza Cultural Room. She did modelling jobs for Daspu, a fashion label of clothing set up by a group of prostitutes. Also, she’s preparing a book of her stories. And, last but not least, her sexual fare also went sky high: from R$100 (around £30) to R$300.

With all this, of course, Andréia doesn’t regret calling the police and lying to the cops about what happened with Ronaldo.

At the time, she said the player had sex with the transvestites but declined to pay them. When the true story came to light, the damage was already done.

“It was a scam that paid off,” she admitted.

Enough said.