Mad dogs and Englishmen in Mallorca

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The island-dwelling people of the Balearics are already accustomed to lobster-skinned, barfing, brawling British types ruling their roost for much of the year, thanks to Easyjet and co.

But it appears that fans of Mallorca are going to have to get used to a 'guiri' - as the Brits are charmingly called in Spain - doing more than laying siege to their bars, beaches and babes. One of them might actually end up running their football club.

The long predicted construction crash in Spain has hit home with a similar seismic shock as Maniche collapsing into a bean bag and this crane-inspired calamity has left the owner of the island club, Vicente Grande, needing to sell up.

Mallorca's prospective new owners... apparently 

His building company and owner of 93% of the Mallorca's shares has had to suspend payments to clients resulting in Grande needing to bail out of the Balearic side.

The club president has signed a pre-agreement with British pipe magnate, Paul Davidson for a transfer of his shares worth 40 million euros, although no transaction has been made as yet.

"It's good for Mallorca," promised Grande, one of the more competent and caring Primer big wigs.

"I don't know anything about football, but I'm going to learn fast," admits Davidson cheerfully in promising to bring British and German holiday makers to the stands of the Ono Estadi. And maybe sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

And that plucky, Dunkirk, stiff upper lip, bbq-in-a-hurricane, flying in the face of all logic, fighting spirit continues with Davidson's pledge that "Mallorca have to win the Champions League, that is my challenge!"

After a cheeky scan of the the comments posted below the interview, it appears that opinion of José Public is divided between those a little sceptical of the whole crazy plan - "Madre mia, what a flippin' disaster, I don't know how all this will end," writes one pessimistic fan and those applauding the possible investment.

"Instead of criticising, why not support this? Where are Mallorca's rich people?" questions one supporter.

Cold hard cash is something desperately needed in Mallorca as the club's crown jewels have been flogged off over the summer with Dani Güiza moving to Fenerbahce and still very peeved that no one in Spain put in a bid for him. "I was annoyed about that," grumbled the Spanish international.

Güiza: "I'm so pleased to be here in Turkey... honest"

Fernando Navarro has gone to Sevilla, Jonas to Newcastle, whilst Ariel Ibagaza has hopped across the Med to Villarreal.

Manager, Gregorio Manzano is already a little gloomy about the club's chances of repeating their decent campaign last season by admitting that "we can't do this again, this year."

But this defeatist attitude is not shared by Dani Güiza's hot shot replacement, Alhassane Keita, with the former Zurich man boasting that "I came here with expectations of scoring 20 goals a season."

Debt appears to be the hot topic of the week in Spain with the papers revealing that the country's professional football clubs owe the inland revenue 607 million euros and an unknown figure for social security payments.

On top of that, the player's union is still looking for 24 million euros in missing payments from La Liga's top flight clubs. And Levante.

Overall, the cases of salary-related naughtiness have gone up from 161 last year to 233 cases this time round leading one to the conclusion that the cash-strapped clubs of Spain will be happy to welcome filthy lucre, no matter where it comes from.

Real Madrid played their first pre season friendly of the year, in Austria, with a 3-2 win over Falco and some off season ski-instructors whilst Barcelona thumped Travis and Groundskeeper Wille 5-1 on Saturday.

Eto'o helps Barca see off Dundee United 

And it appears that the club may well be beep-beeping their way into a U-turn on Samuel Eto'o with Joan Laporta praising the striker's attitude and both Xavi and Messi calling for the Cameroonian crackpot to stay.

Xavi no longer has to hide from Oleguer in laundry baskets after the midfielder's "Viva España!" outburst during the Euro 2008 celebrations now that the Catalan crusader is on the brink of signing for Ajax.

And Deportivo have guaranteed themselves a season of struggle by qualifying for the delights of the UEFA Cup with an Intertoto Cup win over Bnei Sakhnin.