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Man openly discusses Liverpool transfers like it's any of his business

A man from Wallasey has been keeping close tabs on Liverpool’s transfer deals despite having no official connection to the club, concerned Anfield sources were reporting yesterday.

Marc Barry, a married father of two, appears to be familiar with every one of Brendan Rodgers’ signings and purported targets, to the disquiet of club insiders.

A series of tweets purporting to be from Mr Barry, together with evidence from regulars at his local pub, strongly imply that the 46-year-old was aware of every stage of the club’s efforts to sign Christian Benteke, despite the negotiations taking place in private.

Barry has also publicly expressed his opinion on the departure of squad members Rickie Lambert and Glen Johnson, and, most concerningly of all, the multi-million pound sale of starlet Raheem Sterling to Manchester City, details of which the club had hoped to keep under wraps.

Security breached

“This is a serious breach of security, which we will investigate thoroughly,” a Liverpool director told FourFourTwo.

“This man knows how much we paid for Roberto Firmino. He knows James Milner’s wages. He even knows what position Joe Gomez should play in, though we have no records of him ever actually meeting Joe Gomez.

“Where did he get this information?,” our source continued. “What is he planning to do with it? Who else has he told? This man has no business knowing so much about internal club affairs.”

Moments ago, Barry had casually retweeted a press report about the departure of Lucas Leiva to Besiktas, causing owner John Henry to fire the club’s entire communications department and hire a private investigator.

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