Meet the club that paid £7.5 million per Premier League point

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Below you’ll find a rather interesting league table. It shows the price that 10 Premier League club owners have paid for each and every point their club has won since they took over. Take a look…

So how much would you pay for a Premier League point? Any Premier League club owners care to answer?

Now, we’re not stupid: we know the science we’ve applied isn’t going to win the Nobel Prize anytime soon. But as a snapshot of the current situation in Premier League boardrooms, it’s fascinating stuff.

Though Liverpool top a table that John W Henry would surely rather they didn’t, you’d guess he won’t be too upset. Having splashed out to buy the club 12 months ago, then invested in players to make them competitive again, he’ll feel confident that the points will pile up and the price per point will rapidly drop.

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Ditto Sheikh Mansour – if he cares at all.

After all, in this particular league, once you’ve bought your club, the only way is down. Even Roman Abramovich is under £2m per point now.

The big losers: Arsenal & Everton

But what of Stanley Kroenke at Arsenal, third in the list, having spent £1 million more PER POINT than both Manchester United and Chelsea, but still struggling to compete for silverware.

Or Everton, the paupers across Stanley Park. At £48,000 per point, the Toffees even manage to make Tottenham Hotspur look profligate.

And the revelation, just four days after another derby defeat, that Liverpool have spent 156 TIMES MORE per point can only increase the pressure on an Everton board already facing serious criticism for their failure to invest.

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In the context of our price per point league table, a 2-0 defeat to Liverpool looks admirable. But not many in the Gwladys Street End will see it that way.

Did you know?

This bit won’t stand up to any mathematical interrogation whatsoever. But it’s harmless enough. At £7.5m per point…

• Liverpool would have had to stump up £301m to guarantee avoiding relegation last season.

• Or £608m to win the Premier League title.

• Luis Suarez only needs to earn Liverpool 3 points this season to pay back his transfer fee.

• And Charlie Adam only needs to earn 1 point to pay back his transfer fee (though some would say he owes another 3 points after that sending off against Spurs).

Club-by-club breakdown: how we worked it out

Since October 15 2010, Liverpool FC has been owned by Fenway Sports Group (which in turn is owned by American, John W Henry). Fenway paid £300m for the club, and have spent a further £144m on it in the interim, resulting in a total spending figure of £444m. In the short time period since this ownership began, Liverpool have scored 59 Premier League points making Fenway’s cost per point £7,525,423.73.

Manchester City
Sheikh Mansour became the owner of the Manchester City football club on September 23 2008, paying £210m to take control of the club. Since then he’s poured £793m into the club, bringing his total spending to a staggering £1.003 billion. Since then, City have notched up  a total of 188 premier league points, meaning Mansour has paid the grand sum of £5,335,106.38 for every league point.

Ellis Short has invested £300m into Sunderland since taking it over in May 2009. The club has only won a total of 93 points since then, creating a hefty sum of £2,257,526.88 for every point earned.

Stanley Kroenke’s Arsenal shares are  worth around £731m. In the period since he first bought shares in the North London club in 2007, Arsenal have picked up 298 Premier League points, resulting in a price of £2,453,020.13 per point.

Manchester United
US billionaire Malcolm Glazer controversially bought Manchester United for £790m in May 2005. Since then he has invested nothing in the club, the funds for transfers being self-generating. Yet Manchester United has gone on to win 523 League points, resulting in a total expenditure of £1,510,516.25 for every point.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea for £140m in June 2003 and has since spent £816.5m on the club, bringing his total expenditure to £956.5m. In the eight years since the transaction took place, Chelsea have won 680 Premier League points resulting in a total cost of £1,406,617.65 for every point.

Aston Villa
American entrepreneur Randy Lerner bought Aston Villa for £62.6m in August 2006, and has put a further £223m into the club since. Villa have won 289 Premier League points in Lerner’s five years, making the price of every point £988,235.29.

Infamous as the previous owner of Harrods, Mohamed Al-Fayed, added Fulham FC to his portfolio back in the summer of 1997. He paid £6.25m for the club and has since put around £203.6m into it. In the 14 years since he bought it, Fulham has earned a total of 460 Premier League points meaning that Al-Fayed has paid a comparatively cheap £456,195.65 per point.

Tottenham Hotspur
ENIC Group owner Joe Lewis first bought shares in Tottenham Hotspur in 2001 and, by 2011, owned 85 percent of the club. The club was worth £150m then, and has earned 564 League point since, which works out at £303,191.49 per point, including Lewis’s subsequent investments.

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright paid a relatively small £20m for the club. Since he became majority shareholder in 2004, the Toffees have earned 415 League points. That works out at the cheapest price per point in the 2010/11 top 10 Premier League clubs: just £48,192.77.

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