Quiz! Can you name the 50 biggest club stadiums currently in use in Europe?

From the 99,000-seat behemoth to those around 50,000 - it’s the largest grounds to regularly host club football in Europe 

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Important note: When we chose to make this quiz European club stadiums, it excluded some whopping national stadiums which do host the odd club game – the Millennium Stadium, for example, or the Ataturk in Istanbul. However we’re just going with the grounds that are, in general, hosting regular matches for a specific club right now.

Important note 2: Spelling these exotic football stadium names isn’t easy as you race against the clock, so this quiz also accepts the name of the club that plays there. For example, instead of, say, ‘The Hive’, you could also put ‘Barnet’. If The Hive had a capacity of 87,000. Which it does not.

Important note hat-trick! You have 10 minutes to do this quiz, then however long you need to let us know your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best, if you don’t give answers away. Please challenge some friends too. Good luck!

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