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Quiz! Can you name the 50 clubs with the most Champions League appearances since 2000?

Champions League appearances quiz

The draw for the group stage of the Champions League takes place this afternoon, with five English teams ready to find out whether they'll be testing themselves against Europe’s finest or, preferably, the champions of Belgium.

You can find out the best- and worst-case scenario for all the British teams here. But wait! Best leave that until you’ve tried today’s quiz – because, frankly, that story gives away all the answers.

Today, we want you to name the 50 teams who've played most matches in the Champions League since Y2K (that’s the year 2000, for those of you who don’t remember Will Smith’s epochal single).

We’re putting eight minutes on the clock – and be warned, while it starts off easy enough, there’s a few towards the end that will have you scratching your heads.

Send us how many you get to @FourFourTwo and see how you compare to other lunchtime football nerds geniuses, then tag in a mate to see if they can do any better...


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