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Quiz! Can you name Europe’s 50 best-supported clubs according to their home attendance for 2017/18?

Important note: We all know that attendance figures are not the exact science they should be. Plenty of clubs, perhaps understandably, count every season ticket holder whether they’re present or not (we’re not looking at north London – honestly).

Then there’s the fact that data can be skewed by all sorts of things. A closed stand does damage. A huge stadium means that while a club’s weekly attendance can be so-so, it shoots up to 80,000+ for marquee matches, pushing up the average above a club with a 40,000-capacity stadium which sells out every week.

Basically, it’s impossible to be wholly accurate. But the good folk at have listed the various data for all of Europe’s leagues, for which we thank them. We’ve compiled it and here it is: the 50 European clubs that pack in more fans than any other.

Ten minutes are on the clock and we've given you the average home league attendance (across 2017/18) and each club’s division. Let us know your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best, if you don’t give answers away. Please challenge some pals while you’re at it; 79,496 of them if you like.

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